But as many as received him, to them

gave he power

to become the sons of God, even to them

that believe on his name . . .

People Helping People!

FISH & LOAVES Food Pantry



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food table inside.jpg



Apostles Heart Ministries is a nonprofit charity originating in NW Florida and currently operating in SW Georgia.  We are dedicated to demonstrating Gods goodness to all of His people in their daily walk upon the earth.


We minister in various practical ways to people of all ages.  Please check out some of our projects through the "Missions" link in the navigation bar


People everywhere are suffering . . . we reach out to assist them through crisis so they may become reservoirs themselves of strength and empower the communities in which they reside.


We publish spiritual insights to assist those seeking practical guidance in their daily lives.

Our effectiveness and reach is in direct proportion to our faithful partners who make this ministry possible.  Please pray about partnering with us.

Effective prayer is offered specifically to all who support this ministry or request prayer.

We are fully aware that signs and wonders accompany those who do His work and we

diligently intercede for the needs of those faithful friends who support this ministry outreach.

Thank you, may the Lord bless you with an abundance of His riches in glory!

Your donation can send a veteran on retreat and change

a life!

Rev Dennis Madden

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Apostles Heart Ministries

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